How to Make an Angle Fan

How to Make an Angle Fan

Angle Fans – Measuring Angles Made Fun!

Angles is a fun Maths topic to teach – but let me show you a way to take those measuring angles lessons to the next lesson!

I first discovered Angle Fans when I was teaching Year 5. They have since become an activity that I include every year in my upper primary Maths classes to expore angle properties and to practise measuring angles informally. I am excited to share the idea with you so that you and your students can hopefully join in on the fun with me!

Curriculum links

But before I explain to you how to make them, let me explain what outcomes this little activity can be ticking off (or at the very least contributing to the learning of!):
Year 6 Maths
Identify the relationships between angles on a straight line, angles at a point and vertically opposite angles; use these to determine unknown angles, communicating reasoning (AC9M6M04)
Year 5 Maths
Estimate, construct and measure angles in degrees, using appropriate tools including a protractor, and relate these measures to angle names (AC9M5M04)
Year 4 Maths
estimate and compare angles using angle names including acute, obtuse, straight angle, reflex and revolution, and recognise their relationship to a right angle (AC9M4M04)

I probably wouldn’t try this activity with kiddos any younger than year 4. It is a little fiddly and may become a class management nightmare if you want them to complete it independently!

The Process

Step 1 Decorate and then cut out two squares of paper or choose two coloured squares of paper already to cut to size. *Decorate both sides so you see the decorations after folding.

Step 2 Concertina fold each square by folding over and under, over and under until you have two springs.

angle fan folding | ridgy didge resources | australia

Step 3 Fold your springs in half so the open ends meet and glue the halves together. Let them dry for a few minutes.

angle fan unfold | ridgy didge resources | australia

Step 4 Now you are going to glue each of the squares together to create a larger fan. Let them dry for a few minutes.

angle fan gluing | ridgy didge resources | australia

Step 5 Get two popsticks and have an adult help you to cut one curved end off. Put some glue on a popstick and stick it in the first fold of one side of your fan.

angle fan closed | ridgy didge resources | australia

Step 6 Do the same with the other popstick to the other side of the fan.

angle fan quarter open | ridgy didge resources | australia

Step 7 Now you can pull out the fan by the popsticks to make some angles! Pull it gently right around to form a circle!

angle fan full open | ridgy didge resources | australia

So what do you reckon? Will you try this activity next time you are teaching angles to your upper primary students?

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I hope you found this helpful!

Angle Fan Craft | Ridgy didge resources | Australia