All About Ridgy Didge

Putting the fun back into the Australian primary school curriculum

Engaged students, a thriving classroom, free weekends and your curriculum on a plate. Sounds like a teacher’s dream, right?

As primary school teachers, we know the stress of curriculum cramming.

Then there’s the…

  • + Burn of late-night lesson prep.
  • + Endless scrolling to find Australian curriculum resources that don’t send your students to sleep.
  • + Dry worksheets that never really cut it.
  • + Add in the busyness of teacher life, your own kids and family to enjoy, plus time for you – and the sparkle     you once felt for teaching starts to dim

I completely get you – that’s why I created Ridgy Didge


MEET Mel, Australian Curriculum Queen

I believe children learn best by getting involved. When they get hands on and have meaningful experiences they can own, brains are abuzz.

Imaginations are ignited. Students are hooked. Teachers are happy.

But the time it takes to create content that does all of this in 40 weeks, is beyond what most of us teachermums have available.

When I was on mat leave, I finally had time to create the resources I dreamed of for over a decade as a primary teacher. I was desperate for someone to give me inspired unit plans and fun resources so I could spend time with my students meeting their needs – rather than meeting ticking the boxes of a snore-worthy curriculum

I’m here to bring the curriculum alive by:

🎉 Creating fun Australian curriculum aligned content

🎉 Giving you back your time with done for you activities and complete unit plans

🎉 Removing the stress and cutting the lesson prep

🎉 Doing it all for you – except the actual teaching part

🎉 Helping you find your work-life balance (Hello social life! See ya weekend curriculum benders 👋)

let’s make learning fun again

My done for you resources do all the planning for you and are full of fun, meaningful learning experiences to inspire curious thinkers. Find factballs, lapbooks, timelines and more, all wrapped up in thoughtfully structured unit plans that align with the Australian curriculum.

I’d love to hear from you and support you in your classroom. If there’s a resource you’d find useful, contact me at I’m always happy to hear from you and create quality content to make your life easier.

Not sure where to start? Head to my FREE Resource Library