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Curriculum resources for teachers

Designed for Australian primary schools

Instant access to everything you need to teach HASS, Health, Science and Writing for the
whole year in one place.
Engaging curriculum planning done for you.

(Initial payment $180 per teacher + $10 once off account keeping fee / $20 per teacher every year after that)

- Printable scope & sequences

- Access to free resource library

- 30% off individual resource purchases

- Yearly overview planners

- Access to our support Facebook Support Group

- Lifetime access to your purchases for the length of your membership

- Learning intentions & success criteria posters

Less planning, more teaching
with a School Ridgy Didge Membership

Give your teachers the support to thrive with all the HASS, Health, Science and Writing curriculum resources to teach their grade for the entire year in one place.

If you’re committed to building a school that…

    • Gives its teachers the tools they need to do their best
    • Provides consistent content across each grade
    • Has a flourishing teaching team who feel valued at work
    • Gives each student the time and attention they need to shine
    • Buzzes with inspiration and discovery in every classroom

You’ll love the Australian curriculum teacher resources included in a Ridgy Didge Membership.

Designed by an Aussie teacher for Aussie schools, you get curriculum-aligned yearly unit plans including rubrics, assessment items and lesson sequences for HASS, Health, Science and Writing for each grade.

Save your teachers weeks of time on lesson planning, freeing them up to focus on other areas like professional development, assessments, reporting, parent communication and student relationships.


Instead of…

Inconsistent content across the grade → Each class uses the same activities the whole year

Teaching dry, uninspiring lessons → You breathe life and fun back into your classrooms

Spending hours late into the night (or on weekends – week!) creating unit plans → Rely on quality rubrics, assessments and lesson sequences designed for the Australian curriculum for the whole year

Scrambling for lesson ideas that cover all syllabus units → You rock the year with all your curriculum planning mapped out for you

Teachers feeling overwhelmed by their workload → They strut into school each morning fresh and inspired

You could keep your team winging it in a stressed-out, no-time-for-anything-but-work state of mind


You could get the best out of your teaching staff with a value-packed teacher resources membership.

A year’s worth of planning, in one place
All the content you need for the whole year for each grade in a click

Fun, engaging and designed for Australian primary schools, a Ridgy Didge Membership makes curriculum planning effortless.

In one click, get all your content mapped out with online and printable resources to engage students in varied, hands-on ways.

A balanced pedagogy

Created by an Australian primary teacher, our resources suit all pedagogies and learning styles. Every unit adopts a mix of approaches to maximise inclusiveness and differentiation in your classrooms.

When your students are Fully engaged, you follow logical, sequential Units and the Needs of every child are being met, your students will be having FUN and ultimately this will lead to learning success. This forms the foundation of every unit we write. Read more about our pedagogy here.

Your school will be able to:

  • Follow logical rubrics, assessment items and lesson sequences for HASS, Health, Science and scaffolded Writing that meet Australian curriculum outcomes
  • Give your teachers back weeks of their own time, so they can focus on the important things like teaching, supporting students and their own development
  • Use consistent content across each grade
  • Fit everything for the curriculum in each term and year
  • Have hundreds of resources all in one online portal
  • Cater for split grades and multiple ability levels
  • Focus on those students that need extra time
  • Ease the lesson planning burden on your team
  • Bring the fun back to teaching

A Ridgy Didge Membership is
different because

It gives your school lifetime access to carefully curated unit plans and activities for each grade, done for
the entire year.

Only pay for what each teacher needs for their grade, rather than forking out for F-6 content they won’t

Your school pays for it once, with a minimal ongoing fee to keep your membership options open.

How it works

Get Aussie curriculum-aligned yearly unit plans including rubrics, assessment items and lesson sequences for HASS, Health, Science and Writing for each teacher and their grade.

Lifetime access and all content mapped out for the whole year.

Sign up and instantly download the year’s worth of content in one click.

What’s Included:
  • Lifetime access per teacher to your selected grade’s Australian Curriculum (Version 9.0) units for HASS, Science, Health and Writing, including minor updates to these units where required
  • All content organised for the whole year
  • Scope and sequences for HASS, Science, Health and Writing
  • Fun, buzzworthy activities that tickle blossoming minds
  • Online and paper resources
  • 20% off all resources
  • Free resource library access
  • Success criteria and learning intentions for HASS, Science, Health and Writing
  • Bonus materials – classroom decor, posters, yearly overview and more
  • Access to a private Facebook group for community, sharing and support from us

One-off payment per teacher
That’s over 150 learning hours planned for each teacher and over 120 hours of planning time relieved.

Exceptional teaching resources for your child.
Extraordinary support for your teachers who get:

day to focus on other areas of work

Hours less stress per year

extra weeks per year your teacher don't have to think about school.

Need a quote first?

If you need a quote for approval before buying a Ridgy Didge School Membership, contact us.

Pssssst! School and home educator memberships are available too.



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