Here at Ridgy Didge Resources we are committed to creating unit and lesson plans that are aligned to highly effective teaching pedagogy. Our philosophy of education is centred around our belief in a balanced approach to education. That not one single pedagogical approach fits every subject and student learning style.

Therefore we ensure that our units combine a variety of approaches to maximise inclusiveness and differentiation in your classroom. In this way student engagement is increased and the potential for every student to achieve is amplified.

Play is the Way!

In the early years of education we believe that learning should be hands on and we strongly advocate for a play-based learning approach. There is strong evidence that play is a far more effective means of education than traditional learning modes. This doesn’t mean that we believe children should just be playing all day, but like all things in education, pedagogical approaches should be balanced and in moderation. Our early years units combine play with explicit teaching to ensure students are clear about the content that is being taught and are given opportunity to learn in a mode that comes most naturally to them.

In the middle and upper years, we carry this philosophy of learning through, ensuring education continues to be hands-on and relevant to their real lives. We strongly believe that ensuring learning experiences are fun will result in higher student engagement and therefore higher academic results.

Science and Health

Most of our Science and Health units follow an inquiry-based learning approach, with carefully layered explicit teaching to ensure students are given every opportunity to learn concepts being taught.


Our Writing units loosely follow a Scaffolded Literacy approach, where by rich texts are used to inspire student writing skills and text formats. This approach encourages and models how students can use rich language to increase the effectiveness of their written pieces.


In HASS we have endeavoured to integrate, where logical, much of the content to minimise the amount of teaching hours required, but also to ensure content is manageable for students, considering the number of other subjects they are required to learn in each year level.


In Maths we combine hands-on learning with activity sheets, games and powerpoints to help explain topics and to give students multiple opportunities to reinforce skills being taught.

FUN is the key!

Overall, we believe that if your students are Fully engaged, you have Units that are logical and sequential and the Needs of every child are being met, your students will be having FUN and ultimately this will lead to learning success. This forms the foundation of every unit we write here at Ridgy Didge Resources and as many of our happy teachers who are using our units in their classrooms all around Australia would testify, they are finding learning success as they apply this formula of learning in their classrooms.

If you ever have any questions about our any of our units or lesson plans, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us We are always happy to answer any questions, no matter how big or small!