Firsty, thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy day to find out more about me and how Ridgy Didge came to be.

Initially I started this business as a means of keeping myself busy while living in Central Queensland. My husband was working at one of the mines there and I was on maternity leave, so we decided, we would move from our home in Brisbane, rent a house in Moranbah, in order to give him more precious time with our then 9 month old daughter.

Now, Moranbah is not the coolest of places to live and with limited indoor activities available in town and a child who was still sleeping 2/3 times a day I quickly found myself getting a little restless. I had extended my maternity leave for another year and while I was glad for the additional time I got to spend with my daughter, I began to miss the job I had previously adored.

Cue cute baby photos…

I can’t actually remember the events that lead to me finding TPT and then opening my own store, but I do remember being intrigued by the possibilities this venture could offer me. I could still stay connected to the job I loved and stay at home with my daughter… and maybe even more importantly at the time, it gave me something to do while she slept during the day.

As I began creating resources and then selling them (which to be honest was somewhat of a shock to start off with) I realised the potential I had for helping Australian teachers meet the requirements of the Australian Curriculum. I was reducing their workload and giving them the resources they so desperately needed.

The following year I returned to the classroom but only 4 weeks into Term 1, I required surgery, which lead to complications that prevented me from returning.

Now 5 surgeries later I am so thankful for the provision of my little business – in more ways than one! Not only am I helping ease the workload of busy Australian teachers, I have also been able to provide for my family financially (even though I have spent much of the past 18 months sitting on a couch recovering from surgery) and I have been able to spend precious time with my daughter (who’s existence in itself is a true miracle – but that is another story).

I am so privileged to work alongside so many amazing Australian teachers and help them with their curriculum planning. And this is what continues to motivate me even while I sit on my couch now, recovering from my latest surgery. Thank you so much for your support (and also for reading all the way to the end of this blogpost ;p).

PS If you would like support with planning using the Australian Curriculum please don’t hesitate to contact me: ridgydidgeresources@gmail.com. Let me help take the stress out of planning!