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Curriculum planning done for you
Teacher resources for Australian primary school teachers

Instant access to everything you need to teach HASS, Health, Science, and Writing for the

whole year in one place.

Save time, stress and get your weekends back.

Teacher Plus

(Initial payment $200 / $20 every year after that)

- Printable scope & sequences

- Access to free resource library

- 30% off individual resource purchases

- Yearly overview planners

- Access to our support Facebook Support Group

- Lifetime access to your purchases for the length of your membership

- Learning intentions & success criteria posters

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Less curriculum planning, more time for you with a Teacher Ridgy Didge Membership

As an Australian primary school teacher, you know all too well the hours of unit planning needed to make it through each term.

Your work-life balance is waaayyy out of whack.

Endless scrolling online for quality Australian teacher resources is a pain in the neck.

You struggle to come up with engaging, genuinely fun activities your students like.

Teaching feels more like a drag than a joy.

If only school work was for school and home was for… everything else you need to do!
(Like time with your kids and family, exercise, coffee with friends, Netflix and that stack of books you’re
dying to read).

Because getting through the year shouldn’t feel like running a marathon through quicksand with a
boulder on your back.


What if lesson prep only needed to be done at school?

And if…

Getting ready for the week ahead didn’t fill you with dread.

You could get back all that time you’ve poured into unit planning.

Weekends were actually yours without the guilt you get when you’re doing things you enjoy.

Curriculum planning is quick, easy and affordable with a Ridgy Didge Membership.

A year’s worth of planning, in one place
All the content you need for the whole year for your grade in a click


Fun, engaging and designed for Australian primary schools, a Ridgy Didge Membership makes curriculum planning effortless.

In one click, get all your content mapped out with online and printable resources to engage students in varied, hands-on ways.

Designed by an Aussie teacher for Aussie teachers, every resource is designed to get brains buzzing and inspiration swirling so you can breathe life back into your classroom.

You’ll be able to:

  • Save weeks of your own time that you used to spend on lesson plans
  • Follow logical rubrics, assessment items and lesson sequences for HASS, Health, Science and Writing that meet Australian curriculum outcomes
  • Fit everything for the curriculum in each term and year
  • Have hundreds of resources all in one online portal
  • Cater for split grades and multiple ability levels
  • Focus on those students that need a bit of extra time
  • Relax knowing your workload is halved
  • Bring the fun back to teaching
  • Get your evenings and weekends back!

A Ridgy Didge Membership is
different because

It gives you lifetime access to carefully curated unit plans and activities for your grade, done for the entire year.

Only pay for what you need for the year you’re teaching, rather than forking out for F-6 content you don’t need.

You pay for it once, with a minimal ongoing fee to keep your membership options open.

How it works

Get Aussie curriculum-aligned yearly unit plans including rubrics, assessment items and lesson sequences for HASS, Health, Science and Writing for the grade you’re teaching.

Lifetime access and all content mapped out for the whole year.

Sign up and instantly download the year’s worth of content in one click.

What’s Included:
  • Lifetime access to your selected grade’s Australian
    Curriculum (Version 9.0) units for HASS, Science, Health and Writing, including minor updates to these units where required
  • All content organised for you for the whole year
  • Scope and sequences for HASS, Science, Health and Writing
  • Fun, buzzworthy activities that tickle blossoming minds
  • Online and paper resources
  • 30% discount for paid members & 10% discount for free members for all resources
  • Free resource library access
  • Success criteria and learning intentions for HASS, Science, Health and Writing
  • Bonus materials – classroom decor, posters, yearly review and more
  • Access to a private Facebook group for community, sharing and support from us

One-off payment

That’s over 150 learning hours planned for you and over 120 hours of planning time relieved.

That’s invaluable time given back to you

Extra days to do whatever you like

Hours less stress per year

extra weeks of your year that you don't have to think about home School.

Pssssst! School and home educator memberships are available too.