3 Simple Christmas Art Ideas

3 Simple Christmas Art Ideas

Looking for some super simple art ideas to do with your class this holiday season? Ideas that you can implement right now? And don’t involve a heap of prep and mess? We’ve got you covered! With these 3 simple Christmas art ideas, your students will be busy for hours and they can be as messy or as clean as you like!

Christmas Reindeer Art Activity

Firstly, let me share with you my go to Christmas art activity that you can do with your class right now!

You will need:
– coloured paper/plain white paper
– lead pencils
– paint
– black textas
– glue
– scissors
– paint brushes

  1. Give each of your kiddos a blank piece of paper. Have them decorate this piece of paper with a Christmas theme. In our examples we printed one with paint circles using a toilet roll, in another we just painted the background with a paint brush, in another we ripped red and green paper and glued the strips onto the background and in the other we simply drew Christmas symbols onto a coloured piece of paper. Use your imagination here. Really the possibilities for the background is endless!

    DIY Christmas backgrounds | Ridgy Didge Resources | Australia

  2. Then, while their backgrounds are drying, head to this Art Hub for kids reindeer directed drawing . You can use any directed drawing, but this is the one we used in our example here. You will notice that we did ours with lead pencil rather than with crayon as they suggested but the materials you use to do the directed drawing doesn’t really matter.
  3. After your kiddos have drawn their reindeer (or whatever the drawing is), have them cut it out and glue it onto their Christmas themed background they created earlier. For added effect, have your students draw over their pencil lines in black marker!

    Reindeer Christmas Art | Ridgy Didge Resources | Australia Reindeer Christmas Art Idea | Ridgy Didge Resources | Australia

Christmas Bauble Art Activity

Basically this art activity is very similar to the reindeer art activity, however, we have included a bauble template in our Free Resource Library for you to use to keep this extra simple.

You will need:
– coloured paper/plain white paper
– Bauble Template (from our Free Resource Library)
– lead pencils
– paint
– black textas
– glue
– scissors
– paint brushes

  1. Again, have your kiddos decorate a blank piece of paper in whatever means you feel you have the energy for that day. In our example we have just painted the background in red and green.
  2. Then give each of your kiddos a blank bauble template from our Free Resource Library and get them to do some doodle art in each of the bauble sections. See our example for ideas.
  3. Once your kiddos have finished their doodles, have them cut out the bauble and glue onto their prepared background.
    Christmas Bauble Art | Ridgy Didge Resources | Australia

Christmas Koala Art Activity

Finally, if you are looking for more of an Aussie Christmas themed activity, then this Koala art idea should tick all of the boxes. It will require a little more setup, but it uses materials you should readily have available in your classroom.

You will need:
– paints
– Koala template (from our Free Resource Library)
– sponges/paintbrushes
– blue tack
– pom poms
– black markers
– cartridge paper
– craft glue
– red paper

  1. Give each of your students a koala template to cut out (note: we have actually included a few other Australian animals in the template pack in our Free Resource Library). Once cut out, have them place their koala in the middle of a piece of catridge paper (hint: have them place small pieces of blue tack to the back of the koala to help hold it in place while they paint).
  2. With their koala in the middle of their page, have your students then dab paint around the outside of their koala to cover the background in red and green (tip: make sure your students have covered the entire outline of the koala with dabs of paint, otherwise when they peel the koala off their page, the silhouette won’t be as clear).
  3. Once their paint has dried, have your student peel of their koala carefully (make sure you get the blue tack back off them!). They can then create a little santa hat with red paper and pom poms to put on the head of their koala. They can also draw a face on their koala if you like.
    christmas koala art idea | Ridgy Didge Resources | Australia

And there you have it! Three simple art ideas to keep your kiddos busy during this holiday season.

CHRISTMAS ART IDEAS for kids | Ridgy Didge Resources | Australia


Six White Boomers Australian Christmas Art Idea

Six White Boomers Australian Christmas Art Idea

I used to loooove celebrating Christmas in my classroom!! And even though I am not in the classroom anymore I am always on the hunt for great Christmas activities to complete with my daughter at home.

What I always found difficult when looking, was finding Christmas activities that had more of an Australian theme. I used to feel a little weird getting my students to colour in, paint or draw, reindeer, woollen mittens and snow themed pictures when they really had no relevance to our Christmas experience here in Australia.

So I thought I would share with you one of my favourite Australian Christmas art activities, inspired by Rolf Harris’ Six White Boomers.

You will need:
– A3 Cartridge Paper (this paper is thicker than normal A3 paper and will be more resistant to ripping once the Edicol Dyes are added)
– Edicol Dyes (Blue and Orange)
– Oil Pastels (Green and Brown)
– Acrylic Paints (Red, White, Brown, Yellow/Tan)
– Paintbrushes
– Sponges
Kangaroo template

How to create your own Australian Xmas Masterpiece:

  1. Using your brown oil pastel firstly lightly draw a rough line 2/3 of the way down your A3 paper. This is your horizon line. Then draw the outline of a tree using the same oil pastel. Add small tufts of grass on the ground using the green oil pastel.
  2. Now you can fill in the ground with orange Edicol dye paint and the sky with the blue Edicol dye paint. Be sure not to paint inside the tree. You can paint over the other oil pastel lines though as the oil will resist the dye and show through.
  3. Paint inside the tree layering the different colours (brown, tan and white) to give the tree a textured look).
  4. Cut out the inside of your kangaroo template. Discard the centre of the kangaroo and place the remaining stencil on top of your Australian landscape painting.
  5. Using your sponge, paint the inside of the stencil white.
  6. Remove your stencil to reveal the white kangaroo.
  7. With a thin paintbrush add a red bow around the neck of the kangaroo.
  8. And you are finished!! Well done!

Be sure to grab your free copy of the kangaroo outline from our Free Resource library so you can complete this artwork in your classroom this Christmas season!