Looking for some simple Father’s day craft ideas for your classroom this year? Well have I got some simple ideas for you!

1. Meet Dad’s Chip Clip:

A simple template that you can find here. Simply print, colour, cut and glue onto the back of a peg. Give to dad on Father’s day with a packet of chips. He can continue using his chip clip whenever he doesn’t finish a full packet of chips!

Or you could try…

2. Dad’s notes craft

Another simple template that you can find here. Once again, simply print, colour and cut the template. Cover a thick piece of card from a cardboard box to your desired size with coloured paper. Glue a pad of sticky notes and the Dad’s Notes label on top of the covered cardboard. Include a pen and give to dad on Father’s day to keep his important notes and reminders on. Done!!

Two simple ideas for your classroom Father’s Day craft this year.