Assigning roles in science groups can be a helpful way of managing student participation in science investigations.

Notice I say managing participation! Not managing behaviour… Obviously there will inevitably be issues that require teacher support to overcome when children work in small groups but assigning roles encourages participation, develops responsibility and increases accountability among your students.

To keep your students on track we highly recommend using these posters and badges in your classroom – Science Groups Posters, Badges and Labels

Science Groups Posters | Ridgy Didge Resources | Australia

To use the posters and badges follow these simple tips:

  1. Assign a role to each student at the beginning of each lesson. Teachers can determine whether these roles are chosen by the students or themselves. I personally like to assign the roles myself so that students are given the opportunity to have a go at each role.
  2. Despite the roles that have been assigned, students should still be monitored as they work to ensure groups are cooperating and remaining on task.
  3. Posters should be displayed in the classroom for students to refer to as well as badges prepared for students to wear during lessons so everyone is clear on what their role is. These badges can be laminated for longevity, hole-punched and threaded with a safety pin. Science basket labels can be laminated and attached to baskets with zip-ties, blue-tac, Velcro dots or sticky tape.

Following these simple steps will ensure your students are not only staying on track so they remain concentrated on the task at hand (hence more able to learn) but will also ensure they are learning vital life skills to set themselves up for success for life beyond the classroom.

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Science Groups Classroom Management | Ridgy Didge Resources | Australia