Every teacher can testify to the engagement received by their students when offered to be read a story. Whether it be from a picture book or novel, stories bring so much enjoyment to children’s lives. The added bonus is that they can also be great tools for linking various content areas of the Australian Curriculum.

I have gathered a list of books that I highly recommend for Year 1 Teachers to use as they are teaching to the Australian Curriculum throughout the year. I have sorted these books into curriculum content areas but you will quickly notice that most of the books link to other content areas making them great tools for the time-poor Australian Teacher. (please note the following list contains affiliate links)


Exclamation Mark
Pancakes, Pancakes! (World of Eric Carle)
Ruby and Leonard and the Great Big Surprise
What the Jackdaw Saw
What This Story Needs is a Pig in a Wig
Wombat Stew 30th Anniversary Edition

Collecting Colour
One Leaf Rides the Wind
This Is a Good Story
Three Billy Goats Gruff
What Rhymes With Sneeze?
What’s the Opposite? (The Hueys) (The Hueys)


Measurement and Geography
The Bad-Tempered Ladybird
Follow That Map!
Rosie’s Walk
What’s the Time, Dinosaur?

Number and Algebra
100 Days of Cool (MathStart 2)
Emily’s First 100 Days of School
Full House: An Invitation to Fractions
Give Me Half!: Understanding Halves (Mathstart: Level 2 (Prebound))
If You Were a Fraction
One Hundred Hungry Ants
Leaping Lizards (MathStart 1)
Math by All Means, Place Value, Grade 2: The King’s Commissioners (Brainy Day Books)


Biological Sciences
Ernie Dances to the Didgeridoo
Looking for Crabs (Australian Children’s Classics)
Mallee Sky
Oi! Get Off Our Train
Sam’s Bush Journey
The Waterhole
Yucky Worms (Nature Storybooks)

Earth and Space Sciences
The ABC Book of Seasons (The ABC Book Of …)
All Through the Year
On Earth
Tap the Magic Tree
The Things That I LOVE about TREES
What Will the Weather be? (Lets-Read-And-Find-Out Science Stage 2)
Why I Love Summer
A Year on Our Farm

Physical Sciences
Boom Bah!
I Hear a Pickle
Squeak, Rumble, Whomp! Whomp! Whomp!
The Story of the Orchestra


All Through the Year
An Aussie Year: Twelve Months in the Life of Australian Kids
Australian Kids through the Years
Inside the World of Tom Roberts: A Ben and Gracie Art Adventure
It’s a Miroocool!
Lizzie Nonsense: A Story of Pioneer Days
Me, Oliver Bright
My First Car was Red
No Hat Brigade (Pocket Version)
Papa and the Olden Days (Walker Classic)
Possum in the House
Remembering Lionsville: My Family Story
Sugar-gum Tree (Aussie Bites)
Tails From Grandad’s Attic
Walking with the Seasons in Kakadu
When I Was a Kid
When I was Little, Like You


This is How We Do It by Matt Lamothe
I’m New Here by Anne Sibley O’Brien
How Do Dinosaurs Play With Their Friends? by Jane Yolen
What’s My SuperPower? by Aviaa Johnson
Calvin Can’t Fly by Jennifer Berne

Let me know if you have any other suggestions to add to this list by commenting below. I’d love to hear from you!!

Happy teaching!