So you might have stumbled across our website when you were doing a quick google search, or you may have been buying our resources for years and have now realised that we sell detailed Australian Curriculum 9.0 aligned Genre Writing units that would save you an immense numbers of hours planning and sourcing activities.

Whatever your history with use, I bet you are here on this page for the same reason.

Because you are keen to know what is included in our Australian Curriculum 9.0 aligned Genre Writing units.

So let me take you for a little tour through one of our most popular writing units: our Year 1 Narrative unit.

Australian Curriculum Writing Unit | Ridgy didge resources | australia

What is included?

Every Writing unit you purchase from us will include a detailed unit plan, including a series of at least 10 lessons and an assessment rubric that supports the suggested assessment idea in the unit. It is intended that this unit would carry you through one term.

year 1 narrative unit plan overview | ridgy didge resources | australia

You will also receive an activity pack which includes posters, activity sheets, games, teacher activity guides and writing structure templates.

Our approach to teaching writing

Here at Ridgy Didge Resources we use a Scaffolded Literacy approach to teaching genre writing skills. Scaffolded literacy is an integrated and sequential approach to teaching reading, spelling and writing. It uses rich texts to explicitly model genre writing to learners, so that they are clear about how good writers use language to create effective written pieces. You can find out more about the Scaffolded Literacy approach here on our website.

Scaffolded Literacy Writing Pedagogy | Ridgy Didge Resources | Australia

The Unit Plan

– The basic overview with all the relevant Australian Curriculum 9.0 details specific to that unit.

year 1 narrative writing unit overview | ridgy didge resources | australia

– This is very detailed and is written carefully to ensure you understand how to implement each of the suggested activities.
– It also outlines what materials you will need to support each lesson.
– Internet links are provided where relevant and are checked regularly to ensure they are working links.

year 1 narrative writing lesson sequence | ridgy didge resources | australia

– This is broken up into 6 different sections which are all specifically relevant to the suggested assessment activity in the lesson sequence. The different sections are: Writing, Editing, Punctuation, Grammar, Spelling and Handwriting
– Assessment criteria is based on the Achievement standard for that year level. Content descriptors are used only to help explain the criteria a bit further if necessary.
– Our aim with the rubric is to make the language clear and simple for teachers, parents and students alike. We believe a rubric shouldn’t be cryptic but rather should be easy to read and understand to make marking and reporting easier.

year 1 narrative rubric | ridgy didge resources | australia

The Activity Pack

The activity pack is complete with loads of activities, posters, templates, games and teacher guides to make your job of sourcing activities when teaching a specific genre just that much easier.

year 1 narrative activity pack | ridgy didge resources | australia

Each pack is organised in order of when they are mentioned in the unit to make them easy to find and at the end of each activity pack we give you photos of what some of the activities will look to help you understand what needs to happen with these activities. Where appropriate we also include answer sheets to make marking a little bit easier 🙂

year 1 narrative activity samples | ridgy didge resources | australia

And so that is it! A writing unit in a nutshell!

Of course we spend hours researching, planning and ensuring our units are of the best quality to make your life, as an Australian teacher, easier and less stressful.

If you have any questions about any of our writing units, please leave a comment below or email me at where I’ll happily get back to you with the answer.

You can find all our writing units here!

Happy teaching!