With Easter around the corner you may be inspired to pull out those Easter basket templates and packets of paper grass and get your kiddos crafting!

If you are looking for something a little bit different though… and possibly more age-appropriate for your upper primary students, then here are a few of our favourite Easter activities from across the internet!

Easter Egg Sudoku

Sudoku puzzles are a great way to develop problem solving and logical thinking skills. They also provide a great opportunity to increase visual perception and the ability to spot patterns. These Easter themed puzzles make a fun visual problem solving activity to engage older school aged kids in the lead up to the holiday. And best of all they are free!

Easter Egg STEM Challenge

This STEM challenge is a classic egg drop, making it perfect for Easter!

Easter Science Activities with Jelly Beans

If eggs aren’t your thing at Easter, why not bring Easter into your classroom with jellybeans?! These are three simple investigations students could do to explore some basic scientific principles.

Easter Egg Suncatchers

Make stained glass Easter egg suncatchers with your kiddos! This craft comes with four free printable Easter egg designs and makes for a quick and easy way to decorate windows for Easter.

Picasso Inspired Easter Bunnies

Here is a fun and funky Easter project for art lovers. These Picasso inspired Easter bunnies are super fun to make. Use paints, markers, gel pens or crayons to make your Easter bunnies.

Find something that inspired you? Tell us about it below. We’d love to hear how you’ve gone creating any of these amazing Easter crafts and activities.