NAIDOC Week is a national celebration in Australia of the achievements and culture of First Nations peoples. NAIDOC Week is usually held in July. It invites everyone to embrace the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

There are many opportunities where teachers and students can acknowledge and celebrate Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

1. Display NAIDOC Week Posters

For starters, you can display the National NAIDOC Poster or other Indigenous posters around your school and classroom to remind students of the significance of the event and when it is. Learn about the theme and the artwork design on the poster here.

2. Guest Speakers

Ask your local First Nations elders whether they would be able to come and visit your school, to discuss Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and history. We would suggest, giving them a clear purpose for their purpose. Whether it be to demonstrate a particular skill like basket weaving or dancing, or to share dreamtime stories, or to showcase different instruments and tools for your students to see. Be clear with your elder what you would like them to achieve with your students. This is a great way to kick some curriculum goals too!

3. Nature Walk

Invite your local First Nations elder or representative to take your students on a nature walk through some local bushland to discuss the significance of the native plants and animals that are located there.

4. Hall of Fame

Start your own hall of fame featuring Indigenous role models. This would be great for the upper year levels, particularly linking to History content and exploring Australians that have contributed significantly to Australian history and culture.

5. Indigenous Music

Listen to some Indigenous music. Here is a great list of Indigenous musicians who you might like to type into Youtube and watch and listen to. Students could compare and contrast this music to the music that they listen to.

6. Read First Nations Books

Visit your school library (or you could even have a quick search on Youtube if your school library is lacking) and borrow some First Nations Picture Books to read to your students. Yes and even your older students will enjoy these! There is a great short list here if you are needing some inspiration!

You may like to read to your students some dream time stories. If you read Tiddalick… don’t forget to download our free Tiddalick art templates from our Free Resource Library!

Tiddalick Art Idea

7. Learn Meanings

Learn the meanings of local or national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander place names and words. This would link wonderfully in with the Year 3 Geography content!

8. Acknowledgement of Country

Hold an Acknowledgement of Country either as a whole school or just in your class and pray for your local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

9. NAIDOC Week Boomerangs

Create these NAIDOC Week Boomerangs which have a simple Acknowledgement of Country on them. These are available in our Free Resource Library!

NAIDOC Week Acknowledgement of Country Boomerang Craft | Australia
NAIDOC Week Boomerangs

10. Flag Raising Ceremony

You may like to hold a flag raising ceremony. Here are some top tips on how to do that respectfully!

What else could we add here? Comment below with other ideas to help our Ridgy Didge Teacher community!