Back to school time is almost here! Get ready for the first day of school or your parent/teacher night with these creative {and sometimes yummy} treats for students.

  1. Get Ready to Shine! A multi-pack of Glowsticks from Kmart make the perfect little gift for your new little shining stars!

2. This Year is Going to be Sweet! Admittedly these are a little on the more expensive side but if your school allows you to hand out lollies as gifts to your students then you may like to consider this fun little gift for your students.

3. A Colourful School Year! You could replace these pencils with crayons or textas, depending on your style but they are a great little gift that your students an put to use in the classroom straight away.

4. Dough-lited! These particular labels are designed to fit the cheap Kmart brand mini playdough tubs but there is room to cut the circle a smidge bigger to allow for different sized tubs from other brands as well.

5. Make No Mistake! Any eraser could be used to accompany these labels. The erasers pictured here were purchased from Kmart.

6. We are going to have a ball! Children love bouncy balls! These ones were again purchased from Kmart’s party section in a bag of 6 from memory.

7. Let’s stick together! Instead of this sticky hand (purchased from Kmart’s party section) you could use a glue stick if you preferred.

8. You’re Just Write! These pencils could be replaced for a biro perhaps for the upper primary students.

9. Bubbling to Meet You! Kmart’s party section has the goods again in the form of these mini bubble wands. A very inexpensive purchase as they come in a mini pack of 8.

10. Highlight of My Day! This may be a better one to give to your students at the end of the first day or at the end of your parent/teacher night.

There you have it – so many back to school gift ideas that are easy and inexpensive to pull together. Which one will you be gifting to your students this year? Don’t forget, all the templates for these gifts can be found in our Free Resource Library.